About Us

The new NABA is tackling the challenges of today’s collision repair in the State of Nebraska with the legendary commitment and dedication that began this association in 1980.     

There is a great reservoir of strengths to draw from that can re-engineer the Nebraska Auto Body Association to meet today’s diverse new challenges. The ‘Surgeons of Steel, nationally recognized magazine,  brought vital, important and relevant news to the state and the rest of the country. In the past,  NABA brought the education and training to bring Nebraska repairers to the forefront.The new NABA is going to do the same.As the industry evolves into an uncertain future, together we will build on the success of the past and rebuild the destiny of  Nebraska’s collision industry. 

Right now, the NABA is working on:

·          A  new and exciting website

·         Working with Nebraska Community Colleges  - developing strategic  relationships

·         Nebraska Community Colleges host venue for first State Wide NABA meeting tour

·         Provide on-going training

o   Basics of operating a collision repair business

o   Opportunities for technicians to stay informed of the evolution of automotive Design and Construction

·         Present a unified resolve in the face of unfair, unethical and or illegal practices used against Consumers and collision repair facilities

·         And More Coming

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