Upcoming Meetings

The Nebraska Auto Body Association is traveling the state to meet you!!!

The Nebraska Auto Body Association is, once again, recognizing new challenges facing this industry. Today’s rapidly changing technology, tougher regulatory environments, shifting business concerns and diverse claims processes will demand new insight, vision and challenging work. The NABA core values are education and training and we need to hear from YOU, the best way for us all to move forward. NABA veteran Mel Hunke will share the vision of the re-organized association and listen to shop owners state wide for what is most important to our businesses in Nebraska. JOIN the NABA team and be part of your future.

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Questions: Please call 402-937-6960

The NABA is the brotherhood of our industry, the place where we will share: business success and failure; what keeps us awake at night; ideas for the future; creating that bond of professional respect and friendship that will lead us forward.
If, in your life as an industry member, there was ever a time to belong to an association, it is now. Members of the NABA will have a voice in shaping our industry’s future as it changes almost instantly. Your voice is critical, please join today.


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